TLC Trail Runners Code of Conduct
  1. Respect the trail
    1. Respect the environment
    2. Respect wildlife
    3. No littering
  2. Respect your fellow runner.
  3. Help others – you were a beginner once.
  4. Respect the landowner – they make trails available for a race – not for your personal enjoyment when there isn’t a race – when a gate is closed, it’s closed – so don’t swear at landowners when confronted about trespassing.
  5. If there’s a hill…. get over it.
  6. Respect the marshals and officials.
  7. No princesses or drama queens allowed – this one is mainly for the guys.
  8. Adhere to the basics
    1. Stick to the rules of the road.
  9. Train – well sort of.
  10. Pay it forward – help others in need - you may need help one day.
  11. Remember the basics
    1. Bring a cell phone
    2. Bring food
    3. Carry enough liquid
  12. If you are doing a race, your goodie bag isn’t always going to be like Oxpecker. Get over it.
  13. Don’t trash the organisers on Social Media – have the balls to chat to them first.
  14. If racing, follow the arrows – not the person in front of you.
  15. Enjoy it – we get it that fitness and health are a big part of what you do but have fun as well.

Chill, Chat, Have a Cold One, Share Stories,
Show off your toys
- enjoy it!

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