Trail Run Prizes and Race Rules
The prize categories here are far simpler.

The following prizes are up for grabs

Cool Ideas Showoff Prize
1st, 2nd and 3rd Men and Ladies – no cash prizes, but some really “Cool” stuff.

Cool Ideas Fashion Prize
Cool Ideas prize for best dressed male and best dressed female.

Cool Ideas Competitors Prize
Slowest male and slowest female prize – dedicated to Cool Ideas competitors because of their slow speed and slow service (!)

Cool Ideas Dial-Up Prize
Remember dialing up with your modem all those years ago? Well, if not, it’s because you weren’t born yet.
The Dial-Up Prize is dedicated to the first man and first lady across the line over the age of 60.

Trail Run Rules
We have a special Leverage Corporation Trail Run Code of conduct.

Amongst other things, the basic rule is no kicking, biting, screaming, scratching or punching. Oh… No drugs and don’t take shortcuts.

Cool Ideas
Food Lovers
The Leverage Corporation
Mount Grace
Squirt Cycling